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Unhappy Coasted to a Stop - then... nothing!

Darkness was approaching and the Bus decided it did not like being out on the road!

Just put the batteries in yesterday and decided to take it out for a short spin to show it off to friends who were visiting! Not a good idea - I forgot my cell (WOG contacts), not much in the way of tools on board, and not much daylight! Gen Battery not installed, so no Gen Power!

Lesson 1 - like has been said before by many others - tools on the roadside storage are hard to access, and so is the battery compartment! Busy 4 lane highway (busiest spot in Saskatchewan!), I could not be at side of bus because cars and trucks passed by without even attempting to pull over.

Lesson 2 - Have a good TOW package - Coachnet - they were assume - sent a heavy wrecker vice the Landow as requested, but then the Driver said he could not do the TOW and between us we got the Landow that was needed (they actually had 5 of them, so no problem!)

So... Bus just stopped like it was out of fuel, but the Antitheft switch had failed (loose wire?), so I bypassed that. OK, now bus would turn over, but no fuel. Fuel solenoid was not activating! So tried to bypass by running power straight to battery. Did not work - not sure why but I was jerry rigging a wire, so I think that might have had something to do with it.

Noticed smoke coming out of the front dash area. All power off - OK, found the problem. One wire at the panel connector plug was melting. Took plug apart and removed wire then spliced it separately - Bus started and ran 30 seconds the shutdown. Wire hot. Did that several times So, i believe I have a short somewhere - maybe a faulty fuel solenoid that is shorting out. One of the guys was also a HD Mechanic and that was his first suggestion.

Going to run some new wires and wire as per this thread. Any thoughts - I know I was fortunate on this one. A good training exercise so close to home! Could not have asked for better service from Coachnet or the TOW Company (Brad's Towing). Bus is safely tucked away at the storage lot again, right where it normal waits patiently
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