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Default Capturing GPS coordinates with 2 clicks

I have always wanted a way to easily mark a location with GPS coordinates, save them to a file, and be able to find that location in a contact on my phone. Yes, I know with 20 stroke and 3 programs, but I mean something that only takes a click or two while driving or working.I have been drive on two lane and just pass a good place to get off the road if you had only known it was there before you passed it up. And I have lots of HVAC customer with week places and no physical address, And I would like to be able to save location I find while traveling, rest areas, Camping location, Rural attractions you want to share, or in case of breakdowns.
Again, there are several apps that will do this to some degree, but this is the simplest I have found. I have found an app that will show the coordinates, and send them to your e mail or text, with two clicks. And this is in a format that can be stored in your contacts and will find with your google or apple map. You do have to extract the info from the e mail or text and enter in in your phone.
I prefer to use decimal GPS as it is easier to type if needed.
The app is “ My GPS Coordinates” , in both Apple and Android.
At least on the iphone you can not enter GPS in the Address and have the phone find it, it absolutely will not do it. . Little secret,, have to enter it under URL, and with the right frame work and it will. And it come from the app with this info.
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