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Originally Posted by DW SD View Post
If it was me, I'd look on craigslist and buy a name brand unit produced in the last few years from someone who barely used it. (Lincoln or miller) get a demo that shows it is working right. You probably will get shielding gas thrown in, which is a great benefit.
That will save you 50% easy.

I have a 220V / 175 amp MIG by Miller and a chinese made inverter TIG, 250 amp (everlast) that I bought new for about 1/2 the price of the miller with the same features. From what I remember of my research at the time, Everlast makes industrial grade machines. You might look at their low end MIG to see the price point.

That's a good call, I'll scope out CL and FB Marketplace, I just don't really know what makes a good machine and what doesn't. I know some of the bottom end Lincolns are getting huge negative reviews..are the Millers a safe bet across the board?

Thanks again for all the input.
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