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Default Jeeps Suck unless you like repairing your Toad...

I've owned a 99 Grand Cherokee. In the family since brand new. Replaced most stuff under warranty in the first 60K. Lots of stuff since. You literally could not give me any Jeep on a Friday and still have me owning it by Sunday evening. So when I was looking for a tow car the idea of having to use a Jeep to have an automatic 4x4 toad SUV hurt me in my heart. I'm being dead serious. So I spent 4 months seriously looking at used Jeeps. Which is fun because every recommendation comes with a LIST of stuff to replace and repair when you buy one. Or else. Awesome right?

I'm going to tell you there is a better TOAD. There is. And it's reliable with a proven drivetrain. Similar pricing. Manual lever to activate a true mechanical Neutral in the transfer case, just like the jeep.

I waited to make sure I was right. Wanted to give it some time to be sure before I made this post on here. To give some hope to those like me who have been savagely burned by Jeep in the past and will never own another. There is hope...

The answer you are seeking is a 2003-2009 Lexus GX470. Which is really just a fancier Toyota 4 runner.
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