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I've done 101 from Eureka north for the next 500 miles many times both ways, no significant problems. I haven't been around the Olympic Peninsula in a coach, cutting in to Olympia at the north end of the trip.

For Highway 1, which ends (permanently) at Leggett, 90 miles south of Eureka, I've only done the northernmost 40+ miles, Leggett to Ft Bragg. The 15 miles from Leggett down to the coast is, bar none, the toughest road I've ever taken a bus on, and I have a couple of hundred thousand miles total. Never again. We came back out to 101 from Ft Bragg to Willits, which is a piece of cake.

I've driven all of 1 a handful of times in a car, and it is a trip worth taking, at least that way.
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