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Originally Posted by aaronw View Post
Bill, Your experience is the one I read about.
Funny, looking back on it now, in a way it was a blessing in disguise.

That nightmare experience provided an invaluable lesson early on.

I learned:

Never ever bring the Bird to an "RV" center for mechanical work. They may tell you they know about these vintage machines and know how to work on them, chances are, they never ever got close to one before. You don't want to pay double for their OJT and less than great work.

Learn how to do a lot of things yourself. Its not rocket science but, you have to know your limits.

Find a GOOD heavy truck mechanic that is a good teacher too. I have come a cross a couple that will let me work along side them at an affordable rate ( a fleet guy that will work at your house or his for say half the shop rate).

Shop for parts yourself. The same exact part can vary in price many times over from place to place.

Take the time to read the Forum threads and research the docs and drawings on file here. Thanks to all of us, we have access to hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge right here and this is PRICELESS!

"Learn from the mistakes of others you won't live long enough to make them all yourself."

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