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I used to get custom cables to shift the transmission on my 150 mph go kart from Fleet Pride. They could make any combination and at a very competitive rate so I would always have spares. Morse cables are kinda pricey. There is a cable lubricating kit available from Morse. The lube in the kit looks just like ethelene glycol antifreeze. We had a lube kit at the fire dept. Lots of trouble to disassemble one end but for sure it made the cables operate smoothly. There is a small cable lubricating device for motorcycle clutch cables that might be big enough to use on a Morse style cable. Prolly in a J & P catalog bike tools section. This small tool is unique as you don't have to disassemble anything to use it, the device just clamps over the cable and you shoot penetrating oil in a small hole through one of those swizzle sticks taped on the side of a PB Blaster can. You can also take your new cable, hang it up in the air, tape a small plastic funnel to the cable, fill the funnel with light motor oil, and let the oil gravity fee overnight. Cycling the cable in and out will help to feed the oil into the inside. Avoid heavy oil so it is not too sticky if the temperature is cold. Hope this helps, Rick in Ohio

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