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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
John, Way too much coolant in the crankcase to drive it anywhere. I wouldn't idle the engine. Another tough turn of events. Good luck Sir
This is a little hair brained so use caution....
I would only try this in extreme conditions....: eek:
You could ruin your motor...

The only way I would try it is to drain everything. Shut off leave off the chassis heat valves. Make sure to get all the antifreeze out and fill both the engine and radiator with the rotella 2 cycle oil and check often to add more oil into the radiator... Drain high level out of motor. If it is milky brown or dirty drain and add more fresh rotella. If the bearings are already damaged/Low oil pressure I would not drive it anywhere however.

Loosen your radiator cap to keep it from pressurizing and it will transfer less of the oil coolant to the crankcase It might work very well, that depends on where the leak is...

It wouldn't cool as well as antifreeze does and the oil would be difficult to remove afterwords but it might work to get where you are going... Take it easy on the accelerator pedal to keep it cool...

The high level of oil in the engine can screw it up as well, the level must be kept at the full mark and not above. If the oil is milky throw it out and add more Rotella 2 cycle oil.

Sometimes in the arctic they will use kerosene for antifreeze. I don't think I would try that tho...

All in all I wouldn't try the above except in extreme circumstances.
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