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Originally Posted by Mike Hohnstein View Post
I think the 450 dogma for the inner castle nut is too much. Torque tables are variable for many obscure reasons, however I'm comfortable with 350 on the inners and 450 for the outers.
All I've heard for many years was 450 ft/lb for our wheels. But as you mention Mike when I look up torque specs for bolt diameters the only ones that come close to 450 are Standard 12K, 170,674 psi, Med. Carbon Steel bolts. If some one is selling a bolt that does not have that high rating then the bolts are being over torqued.

BUT, there are several other factors that could have happened as well.
  1. Cheap quality bolt used in place of standard bolt
  2. torque on bolts was not performed "dry"
  3. Bolts were actually over toqued

I've never had a stud on my bus break, but I've always check the torque on them myself too. I have had studs break on single body delivery trucks I drove as a kid but who knows how they were cared for?

Sure does warrant some more research on our torque specs and the quality of the replacement parts we put on our buses!

BTW, My Brother (heavy haul) was involved in an accident where a load was dropped. After the investigation it was discovered the chains used where not rated as high as they were stamped. The chains were cheap copies from China stamped with higher ratings than they were designed for. I'd hate to see that happen on wheel studs too.
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