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The guy buys a coach for $800,000.00 off or MSRP and gets worked up over a clogged sink.

Mike, most issues I find are assumptions I make as a new operator. I know one thing I intend to eliminate is the Inteletec powershare system where the batteries and even genset auto start gets prompted when plugged into 30 amp and the demands of a user call for more amperage. A very nice feature but I dont like autonomous controls dont even use cruise control so the downside of this intellect power share system is not outweighed by the benefit of automation it provides. Besides, I got my Tim believing 30 amp is dry camping so he conserves power.

Originally Posted by Silver Eagle View Post
Nice over view Greg of the two units-

Having only owned a 2000 s/s LXI (steer tag axle) for 10 months ,driving around 6k miles and then purchasing a 2005 M450 8 days ago-
I will need more saddle time in the 450 before I post my thoughts -

I do know I love the 365 steer tires-

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