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Default 88wb needs work,Morgantown WV

Estate sale.
This guy up in Morgantown bought this 88wb and he had it a short time and decided to put a jake brake on it.
His brother is a retired DD mechanic and he was doing the work.
They got one side done and the wife got ill,work was postponed and the coach has now sat for 3 years.
The rads out of the coach,and other stuff is off but its all there in a building.
The owner passed away a few days ago and they want the coach to go away.
Its an 88 WB,130,000 miles or so.
I don't have any pics or other info,it will have to be towed.
If someone is in that area that can go by and put eyes on it,that would be great.

EMAIL me only,i am not selling this coach,just trying to help a family in need.
I don't have anymore info!!!
we need someone to put eyes on it,they do want some money but not a lot for it.
Do we have a member in the area?
email me at only.

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