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Heres an interesting part of this story.

The owner of this Bird bought an old Newell about 10 years ago that was one town over from me here in Bainbridge.
The Newell had had an engine swap and it had a DT466 engine in it when he bought it.
Ho got down here to get it and found the engine was bad,and he had been a wogger for a few years and knew i was nearby.
He called me up looking for an engine,a DT466 International.

I know you will find this hard to believe,but just that week i had bought 5 trucks from a local guy,and one of them had a DT466 with a bad stick shift transmission.
I drove the truck home,but it only had 3rd,4th and 5th gear.

So,i sell this guy the engine and he comes to the warehouse to see it and hear it run,then i had a friend here do the install into the bus,a simple in and out swap.
They drive the newell home and he decides its not what he really wanted and he ended up buying the bird and selling the Newell.
So,when the brother called me about selling the Bird he reminded me of that engine deal.
I had forgotten the names and stuff but i remembered the deal.

They had not forgotten me,so it seems!
email me at only.

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