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Default LP Heater Question

I managed to pull the unit (suburban NT-16s) from its hidey hole in the bedroom. No small feat. It seems that there are 4 wires to the unit, a ground, power, and two blue wires for the thermostat.

fig 17, pg 21

The wiring diagram I have for the bus only has 3 wires to the unit (ground/power/thermostat).

When they installed this (I am pretty certain this was the original unit sold with the bus 30 year back), they only hooked up one of the 2 blue thermostat leads to the bus harness.

I plan to purchase a new unit (they are relatively cheap on Amazon )

question: I looked at the manual for the new model (it is same dimensions...just different model #) and it shows the same 4 wires to the unit (ground, power, 2 thermostat leads).

How do I know which of the 2 thermostat leads to cap off? Or perhaps it does not matter?

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