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Default Charging issue while driving

On our maiden trip with the rf18 I noticed that the house batteries were not being charged while driving (the house volts will slowly drop on both the dash and inverter panel), although it seems like the chassis batteries were fine. I thought maybe the isolator was bad so I used the aux switch to combine them. That doesn’t seem to help. Starting the generator and running it while driving kept the batteries charged. I just tested the isolator and it checks out okay. The aux switch and combiner solenoid are functioning properly also. I figured it was since you have to engage it when parked to keep the chassis batteries charged and that works correctly. So I am leaning towards an alternator issue. The dash gauge always reads 13.5 roughly with no fluctuations. Do you think that it is just not putting out enough current to keep up? Is there something else in the system to check? Thanks.
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