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Good catch, try a little lubricant on the hinge of the pedal being careful not to get it on the electronic reostat.
Then disconnect the plug and get some CRC Electronics Cleaner from the automotive section of Walmart and spray both sides of the contacts ie: reostat and plug ends and see how she responds then.
If the problem continues, you will need a new reostat.

Throttle Position Sensor Pedal DDEC II

Williams Controls 131140
Volvo Part Number 8066395

5526 DDEC II
For use on 359593, 359594, 359595 and all pedals with DDEC II engines.

Replaces Volvo 3133491
Barry & Mary Rhodes
Port St. Lucie, FL.
1990 WB 40 "Northern Lights"
Body #F92929

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