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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
The admin guys here get nice emails from WOG members every now and then.
Today we got a very nice one that we want to share.
This member has never owned a bird but hes been a member here for years.

Emails like this just make it worth the work!!

My name is Arthur Moore don 28 Feb 1939 my forum name is skidder. I reside at 238 Alderlea Ave. Mount Hope Ontario. CanadaI DO NOT OWN A BLUEBIRD, and listed as. "Wanabee". and believe I have been a member for approx 9 years now. I love this forum and I am usuallly on many many times daily.
Even though I have never met any forum members in that time, I think of them as family! I even gladly contributed a day
to WOG when.funds were requested for the conversion of the papers years ago. I Aam now 80 years of age and will never own one of these marveleous machines, and also my wife Marilyn is still not on oboard and has never been these many past years. And he'll I am probably too old now anyway
Hello Arthur,

I would also like to thank you for your nice email... not all of the email the Admin guys get is "nice".

I'll also point out that WOG Member Norm Miller didn't buy his first Wanderlodge until he was 93 years old!

Hang in there and thanks again.
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