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Default Inside the Aquahot

OK, dumb questions. I see all those pumps which circulate liquid through the zones and the valve handles for each zone (all handles open). I thought what was circulating was hot water heated by the Aquahot, not coolant) So it actually circulates coolant around those zones for the interior heating (I do not have chassis heating, I just have fans under the couch, coming out a hole under the closet in the bedroom, under the cabinet in the kitchen, etc.))? So when I turn on the themostat, the pump starts circulating coolant and the fan comes on blowing what will be hot air past those coils or whatever, or do the pumps circulate coolant all the time when the vqalve is open and only the fan comes on and off with the thermostats inside?

As you can see, I don't really understand how this heating system works (ignorance was bliss) but now am trying to figure out what is actually going on.

I have been running the AH on electric to get hot water (for showers, dishes, etc.). I assume that's fine for actual hot water but won't give me heat if coolant is what's doing that (since mine has leaked out). (I haven't been trying for inside heat with it so I have been assuming it is OK to use electric for hot water and won't hurt anything)?

OK, this note is a little disjointed (I type as I think sometimes) so maybe you folks can make some sense out of what I am trying to learn here.

And, John, "Eel Sivad" is not Hungarian. It's just a handy User ID I can remember easily and use often. It sounds a lot better than Nhoj Ecam. That sounds like an Arab terrorist.

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