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I'll only add to what Roger has indicated by stating that there was an upgrade to the thermostat and safety system on the Aquahots. It was probably done BEFORE your unit was made, but I'm not exactly sure off the top of my head when it was. The early units only had 3 thermostats, one of which was a dual unit. This particular thermostat is affected by high temps and can burn out/up. I don't think it would do any real damage, but the unit will not operate if this happens. The newer units split this out to 2 separate thermostats, so there are 4 total. My 96 originally had the 3 part system. Since Roger (who is definitely the AH guru out there) did not mention anything about this aspect, I'll bet your unit is probably new enough to be the 4 thermostat system. A quick call the AquaHot would allow you to confirm which you've got by the system serial number. If you have the old system, it's now about $100 in parts and fairly easy to do.
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