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Originally Posted by shaaksma View Post
Twice now, the sporlan valve got me. Both times in return trip from San Diego. Both times 100 gallons of water, but not able to take a shower. I’d like to install manual ball valve. Will someone please post a pic or link to finished install. I’ve taken mine apart and cleaned, still no dice.
From all the sad stories I've heard from not being able to fill to having a hundred gallons of water on board you cannot use all due to Sporlan valves... I'm glad my bus doesn't have ANY..KISS! A Sporlan valve involves plumbing and electrical so you know it will fail.

Sporlan valves are for convenience and/or where the design did not allow access. Personally if I had Sporlan valves in my couch I'd not only carry a rebuild kit (or just a new vavle) I'd also plumb in a ball valve so I could by-pass any failed Sporlan so I could continue to operate and fix the issue in my free time when it's not an emergency. Just saying.....
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