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Default New WOG discount program

I have been working with Ryder Fleet Products ( to set up a discount program for the members of WOG. They have more than accommodating for us. Randy and John Finn have been made aware of this program.
Ryder Fleet Products carries a lot of the consumables that we use as they supply much the same for the heavy duty truck fleet. Fleetguard filters rank very well against any of the other filters on the market. They are the recommended filter for Cummins engines, but they have any of the filters used by CAT or Detroit Diesels. They also carry belts, brake parts, chassis air conditioning, lighting, suspension, maintenance supplies and tools. Here is a list of their suppliers:
To set up an account with them to get the discounted pricing, all you need to do is go to the main website at and select "Register" at the top of the page. On the registration page you will enter your information. You will register as a "Customer" and just leave the Account Number BLANK. Under "Company Name" they suggest using your first and last name when the account is for personal use.
Near the bottom of the page you will see "How did you hear about us ?" Select OTHER, then in the box "Please Specify" to the right just enter WOG This is the most important part, as this is what they will use to register you for the WOG discount program. If you type WIG or WAG or anything other than WOG in the “Please Specify” box you will not be set up for the discount.
If you are already a customer of Ryder Fleet Products, you can call them at their customer service department at 1-855-885-5631 or simply by selecting the “Chat Now” feature that is located under the ‘Contact Us” tab on the website ( to have them include you in the program. Just tell them you are with the Wanderlodge Owner's Group or WOG.
After 6 months, Ryder Fleet Products will review how many of our group have signed up and if we are buying enough to continue the program and possibly get even bigger discounts. They may not always be the lowest price on each and every item, but prices are certainly very competitive and they should be a great one stop shop. The filter prices for WOG members are very good. They currently have warehouses in Georgia, Pennsylvania and California. Shipping times are good and reasonably priced. With most items you can see when you order how many of the item they have in stock at each warehouse. They also have plans to add a couple of more warehouses. I have been working with them by letting them know some of the filters, etc. that we use and they are trying to make sure those items are stocked.. The list of filters that I have sent them so far are mostly for 3208's in the older FC's, BMC's and some 6V Detroit as well as some Powertech genny stuff. I will need owners of 8v92 ,Series 60's , M380's Onan and Perkins generators to let me know what filters they use so I can pass that info on to my contact. There are cross references at: and at:

You can also call them and they can help you cross reference.

I personally have nothing in this except to try and get our members some good deals on things that we use and need. I have been a customer of Ryder Fleet Products for a while and have been very happy with their products and service. They accept all major credit cards plus PayPal, and are BBB A+ rated.
The discount they have set up for our group, especially on filters, is very good. John Finn is going to be sending out an email to all members with all of this information and it will include some examples of the discount.

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