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Default Allison ATEC computer - how can I talk to it, what can it say?


not finding a lot of info on searching for this, so:

How much information does the allison ATEC ('87 PT40, mechanical 8v92, 4spd - presumably HTB-748R from what docu I have) computer track?

Obviously it can throw codes - does it do useful things like track mileage, hours or anything else internally?

I think I found the diagnostic plug - in front of the drivers left foot, 6-10" off the floor maybe higher. dual row plug.

What diagnostic tools interface to this? Obviously it's not likely anything modern and cheap would, but it might be worth knowing.

I've come to the realization that both the odo and hour meter are broken for a long time - so I'd love to be able to extract trans mileage if there is any way to do so. but even if not - nice to find out what -can- be found out.
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