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the charge air cooler and the radiator are side X side in an SP,even woodys SP!

here my take on the fan,blowing or sucking.
theres a low pressure area at the rear of the coach,we all know that.
so what changes when you put a 28'',many bladed fan rotating at 2000 RPM on the edge of that low pressure area?
remember that fan? its the fan off the fire truck,its made to suck like crazy when the truck is sitting at a fire,running all the time at who know what RPM,without overheating the engine.

boys and girls,air does some funny stuff sometimes.
I bet it will cool just fine.
you guys ever notice when you have an oil leak its all over the BACK of the bus?
like maybe its getting sucked onto the back?
how could that be? it should be blowing away from the back,right?

also,the fan is properly placed in the fan shroud,and the shroud is tight arond the rad and the CAC.

hey,you guys ever seen those big concrete trucks with the front chutes?
the engine sits on the back in a big box?
you think the fan sucks or blows in that truck?
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