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Old thread, but I thought I would toss my bit in - retraction was a hit-or-miss thing on mine. Never knew if it would work or not. Chuck (PO) had told me that it would only retract if it was extended all the way, not if stopped part way; my experience was that it didn't matter, it retracted when it wanted to. I do not have the remote control, by the way, so just a momentary switch that is out-off-in-off-out.

I found that, when I removed the TV and had the switch such that the awning should be coming in, just toucing the control box caused it to work. There are three wires to the motor - white/ground, red/out, and black/in. In and out are labeled up and down, respectively. Wiggling the black wire would cause some failures, but it was not actually loose. I removed it and reinserted it (spring connector) and it now works whether I wiggle it or not. I would be more comfortable if it had been obviously loose, but at least I'm pretty sure the wire is the problem if it happens again.
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