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Originally Posted by gcyeaw View Post
Reminds me of an old tune, most are too young to have ever heard it

'Yes, we have no bananas'
I remember the song Gardner. I was in 1st grade at St. Josephs and some 8th graders (the BIG KIDS) sang it as a quartet on stage. That was the first and last time I ever thought about this until you just broght it up...Yikes that was about 50 years ago I old?

This "Off Not" business came about as a result of two very cold weeks this past winter while I was living on the coach in St. Petersburg. I stayed in a lot at night. Well, the St. Petersburg library has a pretty good DVD collection of Westerns and while there, I took out the Lonsome Dove series "The Outlaw Years" (26 episodes or so).

One of the primary characters is know as UNBOB FINCH... yep that's his name. Early in the series he explained how he was given this peculiar name. It was pretty simple. He was the 2nd of two boys and his older brother was named Bob. So when he came around, his parents names him UNBOB! Great character, he is kind of simple minded but has a very strong moral compass. He is in a lot of ways the conscience of the community.

If you like westerns and are not familiar with this I highly recommend it.

Off not~

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