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Originally Posted by sailbert View Post
I have only owned the wander lodge for a few weeks now. The PO has made many changes to the the front TV area. They added an Satellite dish on the front. it is a newer looking king dome with in-motion. I can not test it in my yard as there is a big tree in the way. The old A/B switch box is gone. There was even an old Dish on the back that was not hooked up(removed it). They did a nice job installing the flat screen TV in the front. I have been tracing the TV wires (RG6) to get the Rear TV and antenna working. I found three tan RG6 wires going down the passenger side of the coach. one goes to the rear TV. The other two appear to go to the VCR outlet in the rear closet. I found one tan RG6 wire labeled cable tv. The cable tv wire does work. I found a white RG6 wire for the roof top antenna. I found the old box for the antenna and replaced it. I have replaced the antenna with a new MINI-STATE HDMS9100 and that worked. I found one more tan RG6 wire that I have not traced that is behind the TV. I lost it behind the AC duck above the driver area. Does anyone know what that wire is for or where is goes? Does anyone have a TV cable wiring diagram? Are there anymore hidden TV amplifiers that I need to look for?
Hi Ron,

The other guys already pointed out the normal cable locations so this probably won't help much but since you asked, here's a copy of a 1992 WL video cable wiring diagram that I have in my notes.

The drawing has an item number list and a description box but they failed to number the items on the drawing! They did at least number the cables, so that might help a little.
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