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Default reality

Sadly, reality sucks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am cranky today. No one tells the way it is.First, the axle may no longer be available from that supplier. It is no longer made or supported. They probably have/had it in stock, hence the sale price. Even with that one available, there are other big issues. The steering system (which was designed for the original 13000 lb axle is not capable of 18000 lbs. It is even questionable whether TVR ever authorized the restating to 17000 pounds. Also the sub frame will not take it . (court docs)
Moving the gen set only moves 500 lbs from the right front to the left rear. Screws up side to side balance. BB in their wisdom removed the Hadley active air system which removed most of the anti sway capabilities. Without telling owners. Also removed the 2 inch water drain and the manablock water system causing some leaks.Moving the genset wasn't enough for several units and they went back and removed significant and important structural steel in front of the driver.
Did YOU personally weigh the rig or are you going by BB numbers? Was the tag lifted at the time?
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