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To answer your question there is a wiring diagram in the back of the M380 operators guide but it is very confusing. There also should be a operators guide for the Sima switch in the box of books that came with the M380.

It is just a audio/video switch. It can work automatically by hooking the tv to the 1st active signal it sees or in manual you can push the four buttons to hook the tv to what ever you like. Just a fancy switch. Put the TV input on S-Video then use the Sima to hook what ever you want to watch to the tv. Like maybe number 3 is VCR.

The Sima will only work with Video or S-Video. If you want to go HD then most eveything will have to go. Allthough the Plasma will do 480I by useing component (red-blue-green) cables which is technically HD. I have my HD Sat reciever hooked directly to Plasma and it looks pretty good at 480i. I rewired all my stuff so it would work the way I wanted it to and now it works great.

Lloyd Chaffin
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