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Default Loves Truck Stop

After I left Shanes on Monday night, I called Shane and asked where I might find some food on 81. He suggested Loves truck stop. It is apparently relatively new and has food. I found out that it is a roach motel, not the food, the parking lot.

Once you enter the driveway, there is no way to make a u-turn. So I followed the trucks around behind the building. The parking is back-in only. At the far end of the building are the fuel pumps. I didn't want fuel so I went around the end of the pumps to get out of the lot. OOPS! There isn't an exit there. The only way out is through the pumps, which were full and backed up two deep as well.

Apparently the procedure is to fuel up, then take a right and go around the end of the pumps and exit the way you came in. So now I am facing the wrong way, with no way to turn around (toad attached). There was a place with a big orange chain across on what looked like an exit, but was lined with big cement barriers, and I was on the wrong side of the barriers.

It was dark and I sat there for a quite while contemplating my predicament. Then I got up to leave the coach and do a walkaround looking for an escape. I got three steps and realized the coach was rolling backwards. S%#T, I forgot to set the parking brake! I made it back in time to save my A$$. This is the same jerk that forgot to set the toad transfer case to neutral before leaving Rats. A complete head examination is indicated, soon! (Not to see if there is anything wrong with it, just to see if there really is one there at all. Perhaps I should go to the Proctologist first, he would likley have the best chance of finding it)!!!

So I figured I could angle the FC between two of the cement barriers and straighten out and escape through the orange chained passage. I disconnected the chain and laid it in a pile on the ground, made it past the barrier gauntlet and past the chain and out to the road. I guess the chain is still on the ground.

I stopped two exits down at a Yoders hot dog stand. I applied the brake this time.

I guess I shouldn't travel alone, I need a safety person to verify the checklist before I do anything.

Water in the tank? Check
Pump on? Check
Black tank not full? Check
T-paper on the roll? Check

Ok, you can use the bathroom.
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