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Default Wonders of modern science

Reading the thread on a filler neck leak and the suggested adhesive to solve the problem reminded me of a recent discovery of my own.
When I did my house over, starting about 1994, I used screws to attach all of the drywall (sheetrock) to the studs. Lots of time, effort and material, not including the need to mud each and every screw hole, sand, mud again etc. etc. etc. Giving the neighbour a hand with his 2 car garage addition recently and the drywall contractor showed up with screws and glue. Turns out the standard now is adhesive for any interior wall or any walls that do not have a vapour barrier. Huge savings in time and material. Almost tempted to start again seeing as how it is so much simpler and easier now. Not!
Glenn F. Scaia (Sr. Proc. Cntrl. Op. Ret., M.E.) Trail, B.C. Canada. 1978 35 FC SB 3208T "Kootenay Belle", Half-Timer.
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