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Originally Posted by Snowpig32 View Post
Dose the BMC come equipped with a anti compounding valve to prevent spring / air overload?

I read once, one should not press the brake pedal if the parking brakes are on. This statement caused me confusion and concern. I had asked truck drivers about this and have yet to get an understandable response.

Having no previous knowledge of air brakes myself I did not know there was a spring break and service brake within the same air chamber. I have come to this conclusion on my own and it’s probably wrong, but if your parking brake is on and you apply service brake could this multiple x2 braking pressure cause damage to some air brake parts like chamber, chamber housing, adjuster, drums, etc..

I am seldom parked on a flat parking surface, mostly on an incline. I disengage the parking brake she is going to roll.

In a none air brake vehicle, I always have foot on the brake with pressure when moving the transmission from park into gear, seems silly to make this statement.

In an Air brake equipped vehicle with no Park only Neutral, should one anticipate the roll and keep their foot off the brake until after the parking brake is released? I cannot imagen everyone is doing this.
Please help get me back on track.

I have posting this in the BMC area because I believe it pertains to the Spartan chassis components more so than the Blue Bird.
Just don't go over board with the foot pressure.
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