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Default Critical hydraulic fan problems

What started this way noisy hydraulic fan with a plan to fix it has just turn critical. The hydraulic motor that I had is a replacement was installed this afternoon. It went in with no real issues until it was fired up to test. At this point all went South.
Every time the fan rolled over it just pump hydraulic fluid right out of the front of the shaft. We are in Puyallup/Sumner Area of southern Seattle Washington.
At this point my bus is in the shop. I am going to try to get someone to rebuild the old hydraulic motor in the time it takes for them to pull out the nonfunctional new one tomorrow morning. I do have a gentleman from a hydraulic shop that is stopping by at 8 o’clock in the morning to have a look at It. If that does not work I need a Plan B.
Anyone that can provide a functional fan hydraulic motor for a 91 the hunger large or know someone that can rebuild one quickly or has any other ideas on how to get my bus out of the shop without having to pay a towing charge their ideas would be if appreciated.
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