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Default Surging Hydrolic fan

For the past few days we have been driving in some very cold weather (well for someone from Yuma AZ) 30° This is when I noticed my hydraulic fan surging when the engine cold and we are just starting to make a run for the day.
When The engine is cold the fan kicks the engine loads down a bit and then it shortly there after kicks out again. It will do this what seems like indiscriminately to me. It seems to do it more if I have the engine on high idle.
If I takeoff and drive for a while and everything warms up everything seems to go back to normal. This is happened about three or four days in a row.
I have yet to get going in the morning On a warmer morning to see if it will make it go away.

But if the temperature is not the culprit I need to start thinking about what is the culprit.
Any ideas
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