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Unhappy Lucky I made it home

About 10 days after I made it home from Q, I discovered oil on the cement that was coming from between the duals on the passenger side. This morning I took it to a truck repair place, thinking it would only need seals. However, when they pulled the hub from the axle, one of the bearings fell apart and there was metal shreds everywhere. Of course the brake shoes have a thick coat of oil on them.

In looking at it, I am lucky to have made it to Q and even luckier to have made it home.

I will be pulling the other side to replace that seal and check the brakes. Then I plan on draining, cleaning and completely replacing the rear end grease as well as that brake pad on the passenger side.

What else should we look for on an 84,000 mile coach?

I am beginning to wonder if there is anything on this coach that isn't worn out. I had to replace everything on my diesel heating system at Q, because it all was worn out. I am a believer that a coach will deteriorate quicker sitting up out side than rolling down the road. Therefore, beware of older coaches with low miles.

Hopefully my coach will be road worthy by the week end.
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