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Hi Randy,

I heard from them this afternoon. Unfortunately John & Susan only made about a hundred miles this morning before the coach shut down again. I was able to get more details this time. Sometimes when the engine starts to shut down it resumes running again in just a few seconds all by it‘s self (with no action from the driver) and the coach continues along like nothing happened. Other times when he has a complete shut down and has to pull off the road he has found that the turn signals do not work, the overhead Air Conditioner fans won’t work and the starter will not try to crank the engine. His Rear View camera and the dash radio stay on. Volt meters show normal voltage.

John was able to talk to Ex-Wanderlodge Tech. Jesse today. Jesse suggested that John temporally jumper the 75 Amp Ignition relay K36 in order to see if he can keep it going. John and I looked over our prints and it does seem that K36 dropping out could cause his symptoms so he is going to move the K36 output wire over to the K36 input before he starts out tomorrow and unwire it when he stops for the night. He has wired an indicator light from the input of the K36 coil and brought it into the coach so he can see if the power there drops off while he’s on the road. That may give him some clue as to why he’s losing the Ignition controlled devices.

It won’t stay acting up long enough to do much trouble shooting. For now he’s more interested in keeping it running than finding the exact cause. If it keeps running he’ll do more when he gets closer to home and is in a less congested area - hopefully he can avoid having a shut down in a bad place.
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