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Hi Randy,

John Schmieder decided to stay at the camp ground today to do a little more trouble shooting. Working over the phone with John we were able to verify what Jesse said about keeping Relay K36 contacts closed - it does keep the engine running even if you turn off the ignition switch. We didn't look into how Relay K36 does that but it does.

The odd thing is you can remove Relay K36 and put it in your pocket and the engine will still start and keep running until you turn off the key. This showed that for the engine to shut down Relay K36 and the ignition signal from the key switch would both have to go away.

Anyway we may be getting closer - the cannon plug John checked a few days ago would have only dropped out Relay K36 so we took a closer look and saw that he had missed checking the Chassis “B” cannon plug. It supplies the battery power to the front ignition switch so losing power there would cause Relay K36 and the ignition signal from the front key switch to both go away and shut him down. He took the connection apart to inspect it and when he put it back together the engine would not crank until he wiggled the wires in the cannon plug. He’s checking that out now.
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