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Originally Posted by 78bbird View Post
I have only seen fuel pumps rated for gas and none say for diesel, can you use a pump for either? Also see coolant leaking from lower bolt of water pump. Does this mean a new water pump? 78 FC, 3208 Cat.
the confusion is between diesel injection pumps aprox $3,000 and liftpumps $100.00 then there are high pressure electric fuel pumps for gas injection systems on newer cars $250.00

a lift pump supplies fuel to the injection pump. not all diesel engine designs require a lift pump to provide a constant supply when the injection pump will also draft head pressure. a lift pump can also simply push gas to a gas carburetor.

Diesel fuel must be spayed in the cylinder with high pressure over 1,000 psi and requires the expensive injector pumps and timing. diesel injector pumps are located on the engine and I have never seen a battery operated one.

Gas fuel injectors like throttle body injection system can run off of pumps as low as 100 psi and are usulay electric. many gas delivery electric injection pumps can run without a lift/supply pump because they are located in the tank. this is where new car fuel lines are hard plastic or steel and the old style gas fuel lines are no good for the 100 psi containment.

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