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newer modified inverters seem to work better with more devices than old - they use stepped curves as opposed to square wave outputs. I won't use mine for battery chargers other than cell phone / laptop. My tool batteries will be charged at home.

I bought a 3000W continuious (6000W surge) with internal automatic transfer switch and 30A built in smart charger built by AIMS. I bought it remanufactured from the . It was for sale on ebay...... $270 shipped. New it is about $500, but goes on sale for $450. The warranty is the same as new. I know it is manufactured in China or Taiwan. But, suspect Xantrex is manufactured overseas, too.

The features it lacks compared to Xantrex is the remote monitoring panel accessory. It has a remote on off if you buy it.

I've only used certain items on the inverter: TV / DVD, chargers, fan, etc. It works well. The fan runs a bit slower, but not a lot (maybe 80%). That was expected. The unit feels very solid, weighs nearly 20 lbs and has a finned anodized aluminum case.

If you need charging capacity from the device, another version may be a better choice. In my case, I have another Xantrex smart charger as my primary charger and use this as just a backup. In fact, it is turned off ordinarily.

For the $ spent, I'm very happy.

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