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Originally Posted by Turbokitty View Post

I have the same one and love it I even wired in the auto A/C start function so when the thermostat calls for A/C, it will start the generator and run it, how cool is that (no pun intended!) that is what the two bottom white switches are for. Sorry for the blurry picture too, argh
That's what I want to be able to do.....trying to figure out how to get to the center A/C t-stat on other side of coach. Did you wire it in the A/C unit or at the t-stat? For the few times I will need it, I am just going to wire the center one, unless I can figure out an easy way to get to all three t-stats from the right side of the Bird. The front A/C might be easy if I do it at the same time I upgrade the unit. I think I can intercept that command wire at the A/C unit itself using the same 22 ga. wires from the t-stat.
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