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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
As most of you know i have a couple of wrecked birds at my place.
A 95WB and a 94WB.
I have sold lots of parts from these coachs and i have a big order for body parts.
This requires removing the dash and drilling out a ton of BB rivets.
Let me tell you what,drilling those rivets is tough.
You have to start out with a small drill bit,then go up to about a 5/16th bit.
I bought some new drill bits from homey depot,dewalt bits and ryobi.
Those cheapo bits may work good on something,but its not on a BB rivet.
If you can get one rivet per bit your doing good.
Now,I have 10,000 drill bits,some sharp,some broken,some stolen and some military surplus,most all of them are auction finds.
I have from 3'' down to some .020 small ones.
So,i picked through my bits and got a handful of the best and went to drilling,so far i have to drill maybe 20 more.
So,cool off time is over,its back to drilling for me.


Do you have a Drill Doctor for resharpening your bits? Some may disagree but I have and use one and I think it works great.

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