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Default The attempt to energize a 94 8V92...

This problem arises from this thread...

Just to quickly summarize the stupid thing I did. I connected the positive side of the battery to ground through a switch and quickly burned up my battery cables when I flipped the switch . No power was connected to the power buss bar which connects the batteries to the 12 volt side of the engine/coach. Every wire visible to me has been inspected and I can find no problem with any of the harness. All 12 volt equipment works fine on the coach. Batteries are fully charged (both coach and engine batteries).

So here is where I am and I really need some help. I have built a new battery harness from 2/0 welding cable and QuickCable Fusion connectors and have installed them. The switch still disconnects the batteries from the buss bar and works flawlessly. I check the voltage at the switch and it is 13.55 VDC and when I close the switch it reads the same 13.55 VDC on the output side. On the front of the coach buzzer 1111 blares constantly and the check engine and stop engine lights are lit all the time (key in or out of ignition).

Turn key to start and nothing (either trying from front or rear ignition switches)...nothing at all. Check amperage draw when key is turned to start position and there is none.

I have checked all 12VDC fuses that I know of, all good. So is my logic correct: There is a relay, breaker or a fuse blown somewhere that I have not located? Perhaps a fuse or breaker for the 8V92 ECM? Anyone have some suggestions or experience helping me find where this hidden fuse/relay might be? I have little time to work on this problem due to my driving job and fighting open range cattle off my place. Any help would be most appreciated and I thank you all in advance .

EDIT: I just noticed that the transmission selector is not illuminated...Could this be related to no start attempt because the engine is not receiving gear position from the tranny (defaults to thinking the tranny is in gear)?

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