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Originally Posted by NealinNevada View Post
I really doubt it is moisture...What I think has happened is that a fuse or two blew inside the ECU when I grounded the batts to the frame or I fried it. It looks like four Phillips screws to release the fan from the shroud, is that correct?
Yes two at the back and two up front. You may be able to get away without disconnecting the wiring to the fan motor if you only need to lift and move the fan shroud just a little. I just went out and checked my fan and I misspoke earlier. It was only my 94 that required the fan shroud to be removed for access to the tranny ECU. I recommend you at least try blowing a little air in the plug interface just in case. I had to look really hard to notice the dew-like droplets that got into mine....tiny they were. Good luck Neal.
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