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Originally Posted by Ed Wimberley View Post
Something else to check.
Today on the road running about 65 suddenly engine started going to
WIDE OPEN THROTTLE Scarry happening for sure.hit the Jakes jumped on brakes only reaction was LOTS of black smoke, turned the key off ,last rpm I saw was above 2500
Engine did shut down with key ! Lucky ! for us I let it coast down to 25 before applying brake again and then muscled it to side. A trucker protected my dear until we got off road...thanks whoever you are.
After getting stopped and calmed down I opened hatch thinking throttle cylinder busted
not cylinder. springs?? Not it is the plate the throttle return springs anchor to the platebroke and bent into a 90° angle see attached
Quick thinking Ed! Hopefully no harm done other than nerves. Wow, this is turning into an adventurous trip for y'all!

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