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Oshkosh Airshow definitely is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Camping under the wings in a sea of airplanes with thousands of other people is not for everyone but it was a lot of fun.

The low pass by the Concorde with full afterburner and ensuing Kerosene conversion to massive acceleration and lots of the sound of Freedom was something that I will always regret never getting to see. It did not attend the show the year when I went.

I was flying westbound in a Boeing 767 over the North Atlantic one day back in the 90s. We heard chatter on the radio and watched Concorde climbing towards 51,000’ and passing us steadily by as we felt like we were sitting still down in the mid 30’s Quite an impressive piece of machinery. But it was too thirsty for what it could carry and just not economically feasible to carry on.

I did get to see the greatest stunt show that I have ever seen, and I’ve been to a lot in my 40 plus years of being around airplanes. The “Masters of Disaster” we’re doing things that I wouldn’t even dream of doing. The radial engine Waco biplane with a jet engine strapped below the fuselage was crazy. He pulled it off the runway and snap rolled it before he was 20 feet in the air. And that was with the wing walker strapped to her pole up on top of the wing. It looked like her head was going to scrape the concrete they were so low. And it happened so fast I bet there had to be some tremendous G forces on her body.

I told my wife that those guys wouldn’t live to see grandchildren and just a couple of years later I was right. They ran together up in Canada and killed both of the main performers of the show. Really a sad episode.

Oshkosh should be on your bucket list. Just like the Indy 500 or a trip to Alaska.

One more story and I’ll quit::
I have a young friend that I am trying to help and encourage He loves flying but is not experienced enough yet to get a job doing it Anyway, last year or the year before he went to Oshkosh and Bob Hoover was there. He stood in line even though his girlfriend was not very happy about that. After while he made his way to the front, got to shake his hand and take a couple of pictures with him. Bob passed away shortly after that but my buddy has the memories and the pictures. That my friends is priceless if you are a pilot or know anything about Aviation History. He was a living Legend.

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