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Originally Posted by max hendrix View Post

I did get to see the greatest stunt show that I have ever seen, and I’ve been to a lot in my 40 plus years of being around airplanes. The “Masters of Disaster” we’re doing things that I wouldn’t even dream of doing. The radial engine Waco biplane with a jet engine strapped below the fuselage was crazy. He pulled it off the runway and snap rolled it before he was 20 feet in the air. And that was with the wing walker strapped to her pole up on top of the wing. It looked like her head was going to scrape the concrete they were so low. And it happened so fast I bet there had to be some tremendous G forces on her body.

I told my wife that those guys wouldn’t live to see grandchildren and just a couple of years later I was right. They ran together up in Canada and killed both of the main performers of the show. Really a sad episode.


I saw the Masters of Disaster a couple of times at airshows. I agree it was a terrific show. I have a buddy that used to be a sort of an 'intern' for Gene Soucy and had the opportunity to spend some time with him at a show in Wichita. One of these days I'll make it back to Oshkosh but sadly not this year.
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