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Originally Posted by max hendrix View Post

One more story and I’ll quit::
I have a young friend that I am trying to help and encourage He loves flying but is not experienced enough yet to get a job doing it Anyway, last year or the year before he went to Oshkosh and Bob Hoover was there. He stood in line even though his girlfriend was not very happy about that. After while he made his way to the front, got to shake his hand and take a couple of pictures with him. Bob passed away shortly after that but my buddy has the memories and the pictures. That my friends is priceless if you are a pilot or know anything about Aviation History. He was a living Legend.

always a military aviation fanatic, I went to a lot of air shows growing up. Two demonstrations I remember the most - first was this crazy man in a twin engine Rockwell Shrike Commander do some of the most unbelievable single engine and power-off stunts you could imagine. Yep, Bob Hoover - at the time I was completely unaware of the aviation legend that he was.

Second, I saw the Blue Angles do a Delta-6 formation landing at Dobbins AFB - when they were flying the A4. Because I never ever saw that manuever again, and it was so so long ago, I actually began to think I had dreamed up the whole thing. Then I actually found it on YouTube.

and here's a later version of a Diamond-4 formation in F-18s.

Now that's some precision flying!

Oskosh is definitely on my bucket list.
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