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Originally Posted by B.Nyhof View Post
Can you split your 4.5 acres? Put up a small house/condo with a barn and still have some room? Just an idea.

I did think of this Brian. Thank you for the suggestion. Due to the property location, the land value would would lend itself best to totally divest.


Originally Posted by Bill Pape View Post

Since we are not in a subdivision, and there are no restrictive covenants, I never considered not to "nest at home." Since the plan is to travel, my wife and I have engaged in conversation about downsizing. We have never not considered having a home base. We just don't believe we need 3,000 sqft of house on four acres. There are a lot of considerations since we will be retiring soon. We will not be restricted to staying anywhere in particular. Our decisions will be personal, but since we plan to engage in the travel lifestyle, any input is welcomed.


Tim, We met at WOG Rally last year, not sure ofnea your definition of soon,
But allow at least a year of ownership before hitting the road, this will give time to upgrade, repair and make the Bird your own.[/QUOTE]

Yes Bill I remember. You were parked at site #198, then you were tooling around on your bike after our conversation. "Soon" is in the next two years for my wife, and me closely behind. As you advised me previously, I plan to purchase my Bird and get things in order on short trips initially.

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