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One of my favorite passages regarding testing at "The Bosch Proving Grounds in South Bend Indiana", page 243:

"2 A, We torqued the coach enough to where we were popping
3 skins loose and breaking windows.
4 Q, Why would you do that to the coach?
5 A, Because I wanted to see what it could do.
6 Q, Essentially you wanted it to fail?
7 A, I wanted to see how far you can take it
8 before it does fail.
9 Q, And what was your assessment of the
10 durability testing on the coach?
11 A, Well, we passed all the testing. We were
12 complimented numerous times by the technicians at
13 Sound Bend. We would leave -- I actually went to the
14 track once and we would leave to go on our durability
15 cycle, and all -- there was another RV company that
16 had a unit there, and they would go to the track just
17 to drive in circles, and we would go out in the
18 woods, and we would be doing these events that
19 just -- I couldn't film it inside. I had to get out
20 to film it. And it just -- it was a tank on wheels
21 and that's what we were going after."
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