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Originally Posted by DonB View Post
The problem with "tire shop experts" is that you will have no trouble finding another shop, in another city, with equal reputation and experience and an opposite opinion. There is almost no "universally-held" expert opinion when it comes to tires.

Perhaps Firestone uses a different bead, I don't know, but I'm very happy with running Michelin 315/80s on my 8.25-inch steer rims.

I have 7K miles on them so far, and I very much like running 105lbs vs the 120lbs it took to handle my weight with 12Rs.

Any additional "bulge" is non-obvious - a 12R has an equal-appearing bulge - both of these tires are a lot wider than 8.25 or 9 inches. The 315/80 is 1-inch wider, so at the tread it is 1/2-inch more per side, but I don't think the "bulge" part even has that 1/2-inch difference.
I know you are most likely correct on what you say. However, Mike pulled out his Firestone book dated March 2010 and they did not list the 8.25 inch rim as acceptable for the FS400. Besides the obvious concern of if they fit properly is my concern will they guarantee them if placed on a rim that is not listed as acceptable. Michelin's equivalent 315 tire does say you can use a 8.25 rim in the book he showed me, also dated this year, but at a considerably higher cost.

I think what each person should do is listen to "good advice" which I know I have done when talking with Zurcher Tire. You don't become the #1 dealer in the US by accident. Life is a #### shoot, we all know that, you roll the dice and hope for the best. I do like the 315 tire's ability to carry a bigger load, which may be more of a problem for us than hitting a hole. I think that each of us needs to check with their installer to see if they will guarantee the tire if it is put on an unapproved or unlisted rim and then decide. I will follow my own advice on that one.

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