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What is the $ estimate on the rad rebuild? I may be dong the same this month.

Originally Posted by john wheeler View Post
Well here is my first post!

After a very hot trip to Texas a couple weeks back i have decided to rebuild the entire cooling system on my 86 pt38. just dropped off radiator, tranney and oil cooler and got the good news right away that the radiator needs a new core "fin wrought". I will be replacing all hydraulic and cooling lines ,thermostats, water pump, rebuilding fan motor "leaks bad" . thought i might re insulate as well since most is missing now. Have a left exhaust manifold leak to fix too.

Well if I'm missing anything let me know, might as well get done while bus is in parts all over my shop floor. and yes lots pics are being taken waiting on help as I'm not real good on a computer will be posting before during and after photos.

first of probably 1 million questions how much of the insulation from dupree products will i need or is there something better.

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