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Default Bus stuck in mud!

Well, I wish there was something I could say that wasn't so blazing stupid, but it is, and now I need help on getting it out.

This weekend I took the bus to a friends ranch where I parked it and we played golf and fished all weekend long. During our golf outting yesterday, A large rain storm (un-forecasted) moved in and saturated the ground. I wasnt sure what to expect, so I very gently tried to drive out with 0 luck. The passenger side tires immediately lost traction, and the bus squatted about 4" into the sandy mud.

My question is how do I get it out? I know I'll need the ability to pull with my truck while I drive out, so how do I hook up to it? I'm going to wait until the ground is good and dry before I try, but I feel like I'll need some help getting the bus out of the rut.

Hope no one laughs to hard at this, I'll take some photos to validate my stupidity and post them when I go to retrieve the bird!

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